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The nitty gritty...


$19.50/per walk/visit (HALF hour).
$32.00/per walk/visit (ONE hour) 
We provide pick-up and drop-off of your beloved dog at your home. We can walk your dog solo if he or she does not get along with others. We generally do not walk more than 3 dogs at a time. Mostly we do one on one, and may socialize them if there is a dog park near by or with friendly neighborhood dogs if this is what you prefer. We may couple them with another dog/client of ours in the neighborhood if you and your walker agree. You may be surprised... your pet may meet their new BFF! Play-dates with other dogs in the area may be scheduled too with no extra charge and with your permission! ***We Provide Photos Approximately During or Right After Visit (you can choose text or email, but emails may take a bit longer).
$7 for each additional dog in the same home.
*** Our "regular" walks are 30 minutes for a walk/visit (from the time we arrive to the time we leave the home).
 We sometimes go a bit longer. If the pet loves being at home and does their business quickly and signals us to go back home, or severe weather hinders both walker and dog to have an extended stay outdoors than we use the time for indoor play, petting, love and attention. A lot of our visits "accidentally" extend more than 30 minutes due to the love for our job and if there are other neighborhood pets on the walk/visit. Parker Pets, LLC pays our walkers hourly, thereby the temptation of rushing through walks for more money is non-existent. Why nickel and dime walkers and customers for such a loving service?

PET SITTING: It's usually cats but...

$19.50/per HALF HOUR visit.
$32.00 per ONE hour visit.

Cats, Rabbits, Turtles, Frogs, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles and yes...Pigs. Lol. Some licensing info may have to be provided. Honestly most of our visits have been cats, birds, bunnies and fish and some reptiles for sitting purposes. Litter clean up and surrounding area with EVERY visit, feeding and refreshment of water. Animal refuse will be placed in baggies and dispensed properly OUTSIDE of the home. Playtime, petting, love and attention if your cats are cool with that! We will even water your plants while you are away. This $19.50 per half hour visit applies to THREE or LESS indoor pets. $7 for each additional pet thereafter (the fourth, fifth, etc) that needs service. ***We Provide Photos Approximately During or Right After Visit (you can choose text or email)*** Just like our dog visits, our visits are NO LESS than a 30 minute visit. We often go longer. A lot of our visits "accidentally" extend more than 30 minutes due to the love for our job.

Home is where the heart is, let our hearts be there too!

$85.00 (for dogs, 3 walks are included for your dogs)

+$7 upcharge for each additional dog/indoor pet, limits may apply
+$7 upcharge for weekend visits, discounts/waivers may apply
+$20 upcharge for major holidays, discounts may apply. Your dedicated (and possibly your supporting or relief) pet provider will arrive around the evening time around 7pm/8pm for an evening walk/visit and to feed your pet(s) dinner. After the first walk some playtime, petting, love and affection another short walk will be added before bedtime. In the morning another walk and breakfast. Midday walks are not included, but can be added as a walk/visit. A 1 hour break for sitters is given so our sitter can leave for a moment if needed.
*72 hours or more required for this request, also best if we have cared for your pet beforehand and Meet & Greets have been done. Holiday Overnights may require more time to secure a spot.


$90/hr with a Certified Trainer (an extra fee may apply for an additional dog). *SORRY! AT THIS TIME WE DO NOT HAVE A TRAINER AVAILABLE

We sometimes have a certified dog trainer On-Staff. Let me dive into this more: One major issue with people that have trainers is that lessons may be "un-learned" by owner and dog walkers. Communication between everyone involved is key. Otherwise you waste a lot of money! The trainer often will suggest an hour and a half per session ($120) or a class (multiple sessions with multiple lessons). A team member from Parker Pets and Trainer will come for a free consultation to discuss the needs of your beloved pet. From there appointments will be set and it may require that you are present for one or more of the sessions. One hour with your dog(s) and trainer only, then a half hour with you, your beloved pet and trainer so lessons can be implemented. Because the trainer is associated with Parker Pets LLC a plan will be drawn up and discussed with your dog walker to insure lessons are consistent. This saves you money in the long run! We have notes that everyone is privy too which the walker will always see at the time of walk, even if notes have been modified in real time. Here are some of the lessons and classes we can provide.... *Dog to dog aggression *Food or toy aggression *Separation anxiety [Parker Pets Puppy Power Class] *Severe Fear [Parker Pets Puppy Power Class] *Leash Reactivity [Parker Pets Puppy Power Class] *Leash pulling [Parker Pets Puppy Power Class] *Not coming when called [Parker Pets Puppy Power Class] *Jumping [Parker Pets Puppy Power Class] *Excessive barking *Digging *Counter Surfing *Chewing *Growling


$7 Upcharge on weekends (starting Friday night after 7pm and ending Sunday midnight, which especially applies to overnights).
$20 Upcharge on the day/night of any Federal/Major Holiday.

I.e., if Monday is a holiday and the overnight commences Sunday night, the night before ... you may be subject to that Sunday weekend upcharge and the following morning holiday's upcharge.
So Here is a Breakdown...
-Major holidays are an additional $20 charge per visit.
-Evenings are an additional $7 after 7pm.
-Weekends are an additional $7 per walk/visit
-Additional Pet Care is an additional $7,
i.e.,per additional dog, or additional indoor pet care (up to 3 indoor pets of the same species will only be $7, not $7 each).For clarity: If you have 2 dogs, but also need pet care for 1, 2 or 3 cats that also live in the same home, your charges will be $19.50 + $7 (2nd dog) + $7 (1, 2 or 3 cats)... however we may as that you book ONE hour instead of a half hours so we don't rush the services to all the 5 pets in this example.


Some discounts or waiving of upcharges on occasion may be applied for frequent members (12-14 walks/visits average per month which we call PARKER PETS PERKS.
We also offer the MFT 5% LEGACY DISCOUNT (on ALL your invoices, applied to the final total each time you receive one!) if you are a...
*Military Veteran (United States): have served or actively serving, or retired, or are a...
*First Responder: police officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (including nurses), and firefighters or...
*Teacher: Currently working in grades K - 12 at an accredited school (including your summers off).
**Some restrictions and considerations may apply for the MFT 5% Discount. Parker Pets LLC may require proof of service/occupation to qualify. We do not make or receive any copies of military identification. ***Depending on how many walks/visits are booked in total for non-frequent, but seasonal customers, some upcharges may still be waived or discounted. We are reasonable people!

Please give us advanced notice for those days/hours.
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