Parker Pets LLC
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Meredith S is our Pet Care Provider and Manager. She is also a tour guide and an educational volunteer. Also an environmentalist and savior of oceans! Thank you Meredith for all that you do and being there! You are a mensch!
Kenny, a care taker professionally for people now takes care of animals too :)
Kenny we love you, and for all the love you bring to all! Also he is an excellent and talented musician. Rock on our friend!

PARKER PETS LLC serves....

*NEW JERSEY (Jersey City: Heights, Journal Square and south part of Union City areas)

*NORTH CAROLINA (Raleigh: West, Northwest, Southwest, Downtown areas, and parts of Cary).

For your expediency... Feel free to text us (201) 456-1925 your cross streets and we will text back if we service your specific area. Or you can email us at

BIO of President of Parker Pets LLC

Originally from NYC, and family from the south, Yvonne Parker's very first job in Manhattan was a dog walker when she was 12 years old. She walked her neighbor's dog for $5 a day shortly after losing her family pet that was a St Bernard that she affectionately called The Drool Machine. Later in her teenage years she worked in a pet store in the Bronx during the summer. From this time forward she would be taking in animals temporarily for friends through out her adult life. She has no pet of her own, but feels that having the opportunity to foster many animals in the past for friends had the satisfaction she needed from our furry friends and the appreciation from her human friends. Yvonne moved to Hoboken in 1998 while attending City College of New York for Architecture. Almost immediately some friends of hers that did some moving around asked her if she can board their cats at her new apartment. She of course said yes. The two cats didn't know each other but it was Yvonne's impromptu daily task to make sure these cats lived harmoniously together. Yvonne later became a real estate Agent servicing mostly Hoboken and Jersey City. With some time on her hands especially in the afternoon, with no furry friends to harbor she noticed a good friend of hers did dog walking and pet sitting. With not much to do during the day but sit in an overly air conditioned office she would walk with her friend during these visits and found the first line of work was calling out to her once again. Yvonne is now a walker and sitter for Parker Pets LLC and president and can't be happier. She is so proud of her staff that have become wonderful friends, team members and have become like family.

Yvonne Parker established PARKER PETS LLC in October of 2015
WE ARE INSURED AND BONDED (Pet Sitters Associates)
CALL / TEXT / EMAIL us for a FREE Meet and Greet. We would love to meet you and your pet(s) at your home. We often bring more than one pet care provider so we you and you loved ones can familiarize yourself with our team in the event we have more than one walker/sitter assigned to take care of your furry (or not so furry) family member. Fyi, Text and Email is often best for a more immediate response.
EMILY P IN THE SHADOWS! Lol. Our pet care provider and Event Planner, brought her 6 year pet care experience from a non-profit company. Thank you Emily for bringing in your know-how and artistic spin!

Pet parents moved to another state... oh how we miss them!
Jaime is awesome with some of our overly excited pets and has become quite the cat whisperer. He has vet tech experience at a popular veterinarian clinic and absolutely loves working with animals! Welcome brother from another mother, we are so lucky to have you on our team!